Business Phone Systems
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Mitel 5360 PhoneUnify communications for your Tampa, Lakeland, and Sarasota company with a business phone system from Phone Link. Communication is key to a successful business, which is why you need a simple, easy to use system for your employees. We offer everything from the setup and management services for small offices to intricate telecommunications center with cloud-based phone systems.  Our experts can help install, replace, expand, or upgrade your current office telephones.

Here at Phone Link we understand that not all businesses are the same.  Whether you’re a two man operation working from a home office or a large company with 200 employees, we customize business phone services that meet your needs. Our easy to use, intuitive features make transfers, voicemails, and conferences a breeze for your Tampa, Lakeland, or Sarasota office.

Do you need a new business phone system?

  1. Will dropped calls and poor voice quality cost you customers and sales?
  2. Are you constantly fixing problems with your system?
  3. Is transferring calls, or using the conferencing feature, a complicated process?
  4. Is it difficult to expand your current system? Do adding new phones cause massive headaches?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then it may be time for an upgrade! A small business phone system allows companies in Tampa, Lakeland, and Sarasota to connect with clients, distributors, vendors, and employees on a daily basis. Don’t waste time or lose customers with dropped calls, poor clarity or bad connections. Having the proper office phone system is critical for maintaining a successful enterprise. We offer solutions for:

  • Unified Communications
  • Cloud Based Hosted Systems
  • Fax Automation
  • Call Center Software
  • Auto Attendant Systems
  • Conference Call Manager
  • Voice Over IP

Cloud-Based System

Cloud-based systems, also known as hosted systems, allow employees to work remotely instead of at your Tampa, Lakeland, or Sarasota office. They’ll still have all the necessary information they need without being stuck to a desk. By unifying communications through the internet, you can reduce IT headaches and costs to focus on what’s really important—your business.

What do hosted office phone systems do?

A cloud system takes your data and stores it in a secure server over the internet. This can replace your traditional land lines, and eliminates the risk of clients ever getting a busy signal. Your employees can easily hook up the business phone system to their mobile phone so they can work remotely without being tied to a desk. Some of the benefits and features include:

  • Adding Multiple Extensions
  • Call Forwarding
  • Enhanced Caller ID
  • Message Management
  • Much More!

Why Choose Phone-Link?

  1. Transition with Ease- Our trained experts will make it painless to transition to a new office phone system, whether you’re updating your current technology or moving into to a new office.
  2. Customer Service- Office phone service is the lifeline of your Tampa, Lakeland and Sarasota business. If something goes wrong, you can count on Phone Link to fix the problem quickly and effectively.
  3. Call Quality- Never worry about dropped calls again! With our Mitel™ business phone systems you’ll marvel at the call quality. Never worry about dropped calls, echoing or other problems with our crystal clear voice quality.
  4. Certified Technicians- Phone Link technicians maintain current certifications on all products that we install and service.

If you’re ready to upgrade your business phone system call us today.  Whether you’re in Tampa, Lakeland, or Sarasota, we’ve got the telecommunications solution for you. We also offer structural cabling, closed circuit TV security camera, data networks and much more.