What They Say

Phone Link is to be commended for his hard and diligent work effort

Mr. Juan Pipoli has been working as a contractor for Inter-tel for many years and as such has been assigned to Pinellas County Schools installing complete new Telephone Systems, and Voice Mail Systems, as well as troubleshooting both the hardware and software per State of Florida Contract and Pinellas County School District standards. These standards are very rigid and require a conscientious and dedicated individual. In addition, he is very skilled in providing training for our employees.
Juan is a person who can be counted on to do a job and do it right! He is very detailed oriented, and cares greatly about the quality of his work and will frequently put in more time than required when complex situations require that level of attention. His skills extend outward from there handling technical networking issues, tremendous troubleshooting skills and a basic “can do” attitude. Nothing is impossible, just a challenge.
He is quite accomplished and can work to resolve many unforeseen issues and challenges! He has worked for us and with me for the last 6 years and I frequently do not wish to have anyone else handle a job other than Juan.
These attributes I speak of are hard to find from those in the job force. Juan is to be commended for his hard and diligent work effort and should stand proud as anyone who hires him will be extremely pleased.

Norman Kelton, Director, Network & Telecommunications