What They Say

I know that our jobs that are given to Phone Link will be handled expertly and professionally

My name is Ethel Friend and I am the Telecommunications Administrator for the Office of Attorney General in Florida. My section handles telecommunications for all our offices throughout the State for the Office of Attorney General.

Over the past 8 years, Juan Pipoli has assisted our office with numerous new phone system installs, as well as relocations of existing systems. Most of our installs/relocations required deinstallation/reinstallation of phone systems/equipment-all work needing to be accomplished over weekends. Due to Juan’s experience and knowledge, all were completed on time, with everything installed/tested prior to the office’s Monday opening.

Our employees enjoyed working with Juan-finding him extremely helpful and professional when they asked him questions concerning their phones. Juan would always stop whatever he was working on to assist our employees.

Juan is very dedicated to his work. I can remember an instance where, in testing dialing out under our many different dialing patterns prior to an office opening, problems were encountered dialing toll free numbers. The programmer that should have been on-site to fix this problem was not available. In their absence, Juan worked on this problem, not leaving until it was resolved.

I look forward to jobs that Juan is assigned to for our agency, because I know that they will be handled expertly and professionally.

Ethel K. Friend, Telecommunications Administrator