What They Say

I cannot say enough positive remarks!

Last Fall, HPC hired Juan Pipoli to assist our company in a complete telephony upgrade to a new VOIP platform. We have multiple locations over 4 counties, and are also a hospice organization. We cannot afford downtime due to our commitment to our patients and families.

Juan demonstrated complete professionalism and commitment to this project over a course of 4 months. We did not experience any unexpected downtime. Juan was completely flexible to meet our needs and hours of operation. There were no surprises. He possesses a strong work ethic that one rarely can find in today's work force. His employees share his ethics and professionalism. Each site was left fully functional and in better condition than found.

I cannot say enough positive remarks pertaining to Juan Pipoli and strongly recommend him for your project. I would be happy to speak further on this matter or answer any questions you may have. My contact information is below.

HPC Healthcare
Katie Gouroufas, Telecommunications Manager