What They Say

We recently built a new manufacturing facility and called in Juan Pipoli to install our camera security system.

This was the best choice we could have made for our security needs. Juan and his team were very professional and informative during the entire installation process.

There were no issues when we moved into the building and realized we needed cameras moved and placed in different places than original thought. It was handled in a very professional matter and quickly.

When we had an incident, and needed to refer to the camera's for the the police. The police office was very impressed with the quality of the system. We were able to zoom in enough to see the through the windshield of the car the exact denominations of the bills being removed from an employees wallet. The police office said "I wish all companies had this type of system, it makes my job so much easier. With the quality of the playback it will make for an easy case if it goes to court."

I would highly recommend Juan and his team to for any project you may need done.