Surveillance Camera Installation | Sarasota

If you’ve been thinking about surveillance camera installation in your Sarasota business or home but don’t know where to begin, call the certified technicians at Phone Link. We have the equipment and the knowledge to protect yourself and your business from unlawful activity and give you peace of mind. We can work with your space to recommend the perfect system.

Your Surveillance Camera Installation Choices

Many people don’t know all the ways surveillance camera installation can help ease their mind. If you own a restaurant, small business, or retail store there is no way that you can be everywhere and watching over every aspect of your investment. Surveillance allows you to have eyes on all areas so you can prevent crime, robbery, theft, and more. People are also less likely to participate in unlawful activities if they know they are being filmed and have a high possibility of getting caught. Also, if a crime or event does happen on your Sarasota property, you have a way of going into the archives and learning what really happened.

Phone Link offers the latest in CCTV systems and surveillance camera installation technology. You’d be surprised at how many different ways you can customize a system to fit your needs and your Sarasota property. We offer both black and white to high tech, high quality systems. With these systems you can choose between options like high speed panning, tilting, zoom features, as well as camera quality. There are different options for storage too. Off-site allows you to stream footage to another location giving you peace of mind even when you cannot be at your place of business. Digital and SD video storage allow you to store your footage and be able to look back on it when needed.

You may have heard about CCTV in the media but let us prove to you how successful surveillance camera installation can be for you. We can set up cameras, monitors, and recording devices that are connected to one another and information is only transmitted to other devices in the circuit. There is no risk of somebody tapping into your frequency because the data is only stored to your monitors.

Where Can You Use a Surveillance Camera?

Other than keeping an eye on your Sarasota business, you can have eyes all over the surrounding areas as well. Parking lots, garages, and lobbies are just a few of the places that Phone Link can install high quality security cameras.

If you work from home or have children that you would like to keep watch over, a surveillance camera installation would be a good choice for your home as well. You can feel comfortable with your children coming home from school on their own because you can see them enter through the door and lock it behind them.

The Helpful Technicians at Phone Link

Phone Link has been providing the Sarasota area with technology solutions for over 15 years. Our certified technicians are there from design to surveillance camera installation and will never leave you to figure things out on your own. Complicated systems can be frustrating to maintain but Phone Link will teach you how to use and make the most of your system. We are also here for you if you need maintenance, or if you decide you’d like to add on another area to your current plan. It is very important to hire a technician with good credentials that you can trust to prevent security hacks, blind spots and malfunctions in recording.

If you’d like to gain the peace of mind that hundreds of other Sarasota businesses and homes have by installing a surveillance system by Phone Link, give us a call today at 813-781-3529.