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Inter-Tel Phone Systems | Lakeland - Phone Link Technology is moving forward at a breathless pace these days. The business telephones of a decade ago are already hopelessly out of date. Consequently, expert communications companies like Phone-Tel FL incorporate the newest concepts and models into every service project. Mitel, which manufactures Inter-Tel phone systems (the companies merged in 2007), is on the cutting edge of VOIP (voice over internet protocol).  The flexible, adaptable system -which enables your phones to make and receive calls (voice and data) via your internet connection – is faster and more cost-efficient. Therefore, your Lakeland business will also enjoy better voice quality each way. To and from anywhere. It feels like your own, self-contained phone company.

Inter-Tel Phone Systems and the Modern Age

The benefits of having your Lakeland business linked with one of the cloud (internet)-based Inter-Tel phone systems from Phone-Link FL are many. They include:

  • Improved calling flexibility (from a telephone or via computer software)
  • Virtual phone numbers with area codes that will always identify your region
  • Forwarding across multiple devices (missed calls virtually eliminated, wherever you are)
  • Email receipt of faxes and voicemail
  • The latest in advanced phone conferencing; long-distance collaboration made easy via new interactive options

Given these points, we’re talking about uniquely 21st-Century telephones.

Customized Phone Systems for You

Land lines are quickly going the way of the dinosaur. Why not live on the edge – the cutting edge? Communication, of course, is the backbone of any business. Whether you have 20 employees, 200 or 2,000, open lines of communication are crucial at all times. Mitel’s Inter-Tel phone systems lead the industry in business communication because they’re easy to use – with customized features only as complex as you require them – and reliable. Phone-Link FL can wire your Lakeland office for maximum telecommunications. Therefore, you’re ensuring every employee has voicemail, transferring, conferencing, paging and other essential features at their fingertips.

Words From a Satisfied Customer

Juan Pipoli is the president of Phone-Link, FL, and a community leader, and correspondingly his reputation precedes him. “HPC hired Juan Pipoli to assist our company in a complete telephony upgrade to a new VOIP platform,” writes Katie Goutoufas, telecommunications manager for Florida-based HPC Healthcare, Inc. “We have multiple locations over four counties, and are also a hospice organization,” she explained. “We cannot afford downtime due to our commitment to our patients and families.

“Juan demonstrated complete professionalism and commitment to this project over the course of four months. We did not experience any unexpected downtime. Juan was completely flexible to meet our needs and hours of operation. There were no surprises. He possesses a strong work ethic that one rarely can find in today’s workforce.” In Tampa, Lakeland, St. Petersburg or Orlando, business people have learned to rely on Mr. Pipoli and Phone-Link FL for their Inter-Tel phone systems. Therefore, it’s not a call they need to make twice.

Telecommunications and Your Lakeland Business

Let’s say you don’t, in the long run, particularly need the bells and whistles of VOIP phones. Your Lakeland office is self-contained; you and your employees need a simple (and simply reliable) way to communicate with vendors and customers. And, of course, with each other. At Phone-Link FL, we don’t just handle the big, complicated projects (not to brag, but the Florida Attorney General’s office hired us to wire up and integrate their phone systems). Whatever your needs, we will implement one of our Inter-Tel phone systems – the telecommunications system that’s right for you. For your requirements and your budget. Equally important: We offer free consultations; therefore, your job is customized just for you.

Give Yourself a Clear Advantage

With more than 22 years in the telecommunications industry, Phone-Link FL is the logical choice for Inter-Tel phone systems, VOIP and cloud services, closed-circuit TV camera systems and more. Let us keep abreast of the latest technology – you’ve got work to do! The Phone-Link philosophy: Take care of the customer the right way the first time. We stand proudly by our Inter-Tel phone systems. Ultimately, whether you’re in Lakeland or Tampa or somewhere in between, your business is our business.

Take your Lakeland business to the next level. Advancement in telecommunications begins with your first call to Phone-Link FL (813) 781-3529; you can also fill out our contact form with any questions you may have!