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Tampa is a wonderful place to raise a family, but with the ever-changing economy crime is always a factor, and home surveillance cameras are leading the fight against burglaries. It’s the fundamental right of all people to feel safe in their residence, so if you do not feel safe in yours what are you doing about it? At Phone Link, we have over twenty of experience helping install these devices in residences and helping to protect families. Here is why we suggest you invest in this technology:

Home Surveillance Cameras Are a Great Deterrence

There is an old adage about criminals being “dumb” but that is a gross oversimplification. Burglars, on the most part, are not looking for a fight; This is why they strike at night (when everyone is asleep) or in the middle of the day (when everyone is at work). In the security industry, some people are referred to as “soft targets” by criminals.

A soft target is as it sounds, one in which this is low risk to the perpetrator or very low physical barriers to the crime. For example, if you have packages left on your Tampa doorstop during the middle of the day it is quite easy for someone to run up, snatch the item, and be gone within seconds. Home surveillance cameras automatically elevate the risk to the bad guys, so they will think twice before picking your house. Do not be a soft target, invest in this technology to protect yourself.

Give You and Your Family Peace of Mind

There are few things more coveted than peace of mind, and especially so when you have a family. Tampa is a place of sunshine year-round and smooth blue ocean. Whether you moved here to spend your golden years in retirement, or are looking to raise a young family you deserve to feel safe. When you have home surveillance cameras installed you can leave your dwelling feeling confident. It also gives you the confidence knowing that anything unsavory going on around your property is being recorded by the latest in security technology. When looking at these devices, make sure they account for:

  • Weather (Tampa is rainy and humid so they need to account for water)
  • Internet speed (wireless systems can drain your internet speed)
  • Not easily accessible by foot traffic
  • Can record distances greater than 30 yards

The above items are a good list to use for procuring a new system, but are by no means exhaustive. But the first step is to invest in one of these systems. Our pros at Phone Link can walk you through the advantages and disadvantage of each model in your price range so that when you lay your head down at night you can feel secure that someone is on watch.

Assist Law Enforcement by Gathering Evidence

Like the generals of old would say, no plan survives first contact with the enemy. While home surveillance cameras will make you more secure, they are by no means one hundred percent criminal repellant. However, there is a silver lining. Should the worst come to transpire and a crime is committed against or on your property, they will record the evidence to better assist law enforcement. This is important, because as the saying goes: a picture is worth a thousand words; So how many words is live, still footage of someone breaking into your or your neighbor’s house? With the footage in hand, the fine folks at the Tampa police department or Hillsborough sheriffs’ office can utilize that to take the alleged criminal off the streets before they can victimize anyone else.

Phone Link: Twenty-Two Years of Pride and Experience

Home surveillance cameras can keep your Tampa house safe, that is a fact. We at Phone Link have been installing these devices for over twenty-two years, and our satisfied customers speak for themselves. Whether you’re a budding new family, or a retired senior, you owe it to yourself to secure your homestead. So, are you are ready to take the next step? Give us a call today at (813) 781-3529 for a free consultation about home surveillance cameras.