Fiber Optic Installation Sarasota

fiber-optic-installation_78315577There are many ways that you can increase the network capabilities and technology solutions at work in Sarasota. Whether you run a small two-person operation or a multi-national corporation, businesses of all shapes and sizes greatly benefit from fiber optic installation. When you hear ‘fiber optics’ your mind may go to those fancy, decorative lights that adorn many unique fixtures. In the business technology world, however, they are an alternative to the standard copper wiring and cable that allow for data transmission and information sharing from computer to computer.

What Is Fiber Optics?

By definition, fiber optic installation is the addition of an information transmission system that uses optical lights. The data travels along information highways made up of fibers. These are usually made of glass or plastic threads encased within a lightweight cabling jacket. Because they are made of lighter materials, the overall infrastructure weighs less and causes less structural obtrusion than copper cables.

Light transmissions are sent from one source to another, and they travel along the communication route at blinding speeds. Unlike copper cables, this improved system is immune to environmental impacts like frequency interruptions, electromagnetic interference, crosstalk, and more. They are also more reliable than copper because they withstand greater temperature fluctuations (which is great for cool Sarasota winters and hot, humid summers) and can even be exposed to water without affecting the performance.

The Benefits of Fiber Optic Installation

There are many great reasons why fiber optic installation is beneficial for companies and businesses in Sarasota. If you want higher productivity, better networking function, and overall improved technology systems, this service is the one for you. Some of the most notable benefits in addition to these include:

  • Higher Bandwidth. Arguably one of the most beneficial aspects of fiber optic installation, it greatly increases the bandwidth available to users on the network, allowing you to do more processing, faster.
  • Improved Speed and Distance. Smaller wires and stronger materials mean you can increase the speed and distance of transmission with ease in Sarasota.
  • Higher Security. Because this cable does not radiate signals, it is essentially impossible to tap into, leaving your valuable information safe and secure.
  • Sleeker Design. Made up of lightweight materials like glass and plastic, it weighs much less than copper, has a much smaller diameter, and overall requires less cable spacing. This means you can have more cables than before that lead to a higher carrying capacity.
  • Lower Expense. Thanks to more affordable materials, you can get many more miles of fiber cables than copper for the same price.
  • Non-flammable. Copper wires have been known to generate a large amount of heat when handling a lot of information. They can be a fire hazard, while fiber optics uses light instead of electricity to transfer data, which means no risk of overheating.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why fiber optic installation and cabling are so popular for companies in Sarasota. In the end, copper has been used for many decades, but newer innovations and designs have allowed for the improvement of networking accessories like cables and wiring.

Copper to Fiber Optic Conversion

The idea of converting the hundreds to thousands of cables and wiring implements in your place of work may seem intimidating. The cables you have in place have been there for years, and you have never even considered that they may not be up to par for your computing needs. However, Phone Link FL can make the switch to fiber optic installation simple. There are media converters and plug-and-play options for Sarasota businesses that cannot risk one minute of offline time. For those that have a little more flexibility, we can replace the network quickly and with very minimal interruption. To have a faster, stronger, and more powerful and secure network, we think it is worth it!

Phone Link FL for Fiber Optic Installation

When it comes to fiber optic installation, Phone Link FL knows the ins and outs. We have assisted many Sarasota and Tampa Bay businesses with their technology needs, including maintenance, upgrades, and more. When you consider all of the benefits that fiber optics have to offer, the choice is clear. If you are ready to get the process started, or you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us at (813) 781-3529.