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As being able consistently online becomes more and more necessary for any business, so does the need for troubleshooting. Internet infrastructure is evolving and improving upon older technologies. In a report by the FCC, they state that the average speed of Internet has gone up by a little more than 300% from 2011 to 2014. Modern businesses and consumers alike have a much larger demand for constant high speeds and infrastructure. Because of this, finding the right company that is up to date on wire installations as well as business internet structure is key in today’s competitive environment. That is why Phone Link Fl., has been providing data networking solutions in the Lakeland area for over a decade. Your business productivity should not have to suffer from issues relating to slow speeds or outages. Losing internet access can halt dealings and complicate the flow of work throughout the office.

Possible Network Issues

One of the biggest problems with connectivity issues is that it may not have a simple fix. Many people have had network problems before only to call their internet provider and have their modem reset. While this is great if the issue lies in software and update, it does not fix possible physical problems. Construction in Lakeland and throughout Tampa seems never to stop, and lines can be cut or decay naturally. Also, underground lines can be incorrectly installed leading to connectivity problems. The employees at Phone Link are professionals at data networking solutions in addition to physical and virtual infrastructure. Some of the major possible issues that come from damage and deterioration include:

  • Faulty Internet Service Provider Line
  • Damage to underground cables
  • Faulty telephone wiring
  • Corroded sockets

Phone Link Data Networking Solutions

It is typical to have an office or building inspected for issues such bad phone line connectivity. Before using the facility. A data networking solutions business like Phone Link can provide cabling and wiring services to make sure you are always online. Also, customers can meet and discuss what cable structure is best for their business environment. Customers also do not have to go anywhere else when it comes to setting up virtual networks that interconnect their computers. Phone Link offers Local Area Network cabling and WAN implementation throughout the Lakeland area.

Wiring Services

If you are working on a property lacking proper connectivity, then you may be in need of wire structuring services. Depending on your needs, you may need faster bandwidth which could require completely different cable installations. Depending on your needs, a data networking solutions company like Phone Link, may recommend Cat 6 or Fiber Optic cabling for your Lakeland property. Cable types include:

  • Cat 5 & 5e
  • Category 6
  • Optical Fiber Cable

Cat 5 and 5e

Category 5 cables, also known as cat 5, are old conventional cables with a potential for gigabyte speeds with simultaneous use. Cat 5 uses pairs of cables to transfer phone information and data. Since the majority of cat 5 cables have no shielding, they use differential signaling to eliminate noise. A data networking solutions company will be able to determine which cables are right for you as well as properly installing them. Your Lakeland business should not have to suffer from slow speeds or faulty wiring. Category 5e cables are the successors to Cat 5. With Cat 5e, users can reach potential speeds of upwards to 1000 Gbit/s by having simultaneous functioning pairs. 5e is in improvement from Cat 5 in that it is faster and reduces crosstalk, also known as interference.

Cat 6

Cat 6 is a more recent improvement on Cat cables. They have further design implementations that reduce interference and improve data transfer speeds. At Phone Link, customers can determine what cable installation is best for their Lakeland property. Data networking solutions can be critical to making sure your network runs smoothly.

Fiber Optic Wire

Optical fibers make up the fastest form of cables currently available for consumer use. Optical fiber cable has many benefits in that it is:

  • Very fast with speeds documented at over 1 Tbit/s
  • Growing more available and at lower prices
  • No electromagnetic interference
  • Less chance of lost data over long distances
  • Single cable faster than multiple Cat setups.

When it comes to managing the wiring and online environment of your Lakeland business, Phone Link has been providing cable structuring and data networking solutions since 1999. Whether you need a Wide Area Network set up or proper cabling, Phone Link can assist from start to finish. You can begin setting up your LAN and cabling today by contacting Phone Link at (813) 781-3529.