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When it comes to phone and computer network cabling, it’s best to contact a cable wiring company in Sarasota. You don’t want to be left without phones or internet connections at work because of improper wirework. By contacting a professional, you’ll be able to avoid tangles and misplaced cords, and your cabling will be neat and functional. At Phone Link FL, we can assist with all of your cabling needs, as well as other technology solutions that power your organization.

What is Cable Wiring?

At Phone Link FL, we plan and install powerful data networks, VoIP infrastructures, and structured cabling for businesses of all sizes. We implement the newest industry standards for voice, data, video, fiber optics and other management systems. As your local cable wiring company, we provide a number of different products, including Cat 5, Cat 6, and fiber optic cords. Cat 5 is a little slower and older, but it does support bandwidth speeds as high as 1000 MB. Cat 6 is similar to Cat 5, but is faster at 10 GB. Fiber optic is preferred because of its immunity to electrical interference and high speeds. Business in Sarasota will boom with an upgrade thanks to higher file transfer, upload, download, and connection speeds.

How Can a Cable Wiring Company Help?

A cable wiring company can assist you with professional installation of cords throughout your home or office. In Sarasota, we have helped private and public sector organizations with telecommunications support and other services. Whether you need Cat 5 or fiber optics, we can install and support all of your communication network solutions. If you need an upgrade, expansion, or relocation, we’ll have your network installed expertly and rapidly. Attempting to do your own cabling may be tempting, but incorrect installation can cause device failure and other issues that interrupt business.

Our expert technicians can assist you with your product selection. You should take into account the cost (and your budget), speed, material, and usage for the best selection. You don’t want to have your calls dropping during transactions, or computers lagging when you’re trying to get work done. We’ll help you speed production with ease, all within your budget.

Why Phone Link FL?

Phone Link FL has been assisting businesses of all sizes for almost two decades. We handle all of our clients ordering and accounting in-house to increase efficiency. You’ll never have to worry about reaching an automated answering service— we have someone on-call 24/7 so you’ll never be left in the dark. As a premier cable wiring company, we can assist with many services like voice networks, LAN (local access networks), fiber optic installation, overhead paging and intercom systems, hosted phone systems, and more. It is our goal to complete each project in an adept manner, ensuring customer satisfaction. For each project, we will visit your location in Sarasota and evaluate your office, discuss your options, design and implement a plan. To keep everything productive, we will instruct you how to use your new system, but we’ll always be on-call for technical support.

Our Services

In addition to being a cable wiring company, we offer other telecommunications solutions for our clients in Sarasota including:

  • Structured cabling
  • Business phone systems
  • Data networking
  • CCTV and security cameras

Whether your organization is large, medium, or small, we can help with installation, maintenance, and support for all of your networking, technology, and telecommunication needs. Businesses need fast connections, clear phone calls that don’t drop, and a sophisticated telecommunications system to manage employees and customers alike. Without them, business will be slow— literally. Our professionals will get you up to speed quickly without interrupting your office’s daily activities. In fact, we’ll get them moving faster!

Contact Phone Link FL Today

At Phone Link FL, our number one goal is to offer the best customer support of any cable wiring company in Sarasota. If you need technical support, we are available 24/7 with our on-call technicians and online tutorials and guides. If you would like to request a quote or if you are looking for support, you can call us anytime at 813-781-3529. If you are interested in cable wiring or any of our other telecommunications solutions for your company, please contact us. We look forward to connecting you.