Business Phone Systems | Sarasota

In the competitive and fast paced environment we live in today, the importance of quality business phone systems cannot be overstated to Sarasota companies. At Phone-Link we know better than anyone the difference that reliable communications can make for small and large companies alike. In the past it was acceptable for companies to get by with a mediocre data infrastructure, as long as they provided a quality product or service, but with the high competition that exists in the 21st century this is no longer an option.

Phone-Link FL provides business phone systems in Sarasota that can increase productivity, help you provide better customer service to your clients, and bring back your competitive edge. Whether you are an established name in the industry with hundreds of employees, or a small business with less than 10, we can get you upgraded and back to business in no time.

Business Phone System Installations for New Sarasota Offices

As a successful company grows, it naturally outgrows its initial office and needs to relocate and expand into a larger location. This is where Phone-Link can help. We offer complete installations from start to finish, which includes laying all of the structural cabling and setting up your entire data network as well. We’re up to the challenge that a quick move and rapid deployment requires so you can get back to work as usual.

Do You Need a New Business Phone System?

Is your current system:

  • Outdated?
  • Dropping calls?
  • Difficult to use?
  • Taking time away from more important tasks?
  • Still giving a busy signal?
  • Driving away sales?
  • Unable to have more lines added?

If the answer to any of the above questions is “yes”, then it’s time to consider an upgrade. With a new business phone system for your Sarasota office you can enjoy:

  • Cloud based
  • Crystal clear voice quality
  • No more dropped calls or busy signals
  • Voice over IP
  • Conference call manager
  • Fax automation
  • Call Center Software
  • And more!

Cloud Based and VoIP

Cloud based (or hosted VoIP) business phone systems take away the need for your Sarasota office to rely on outdated phone lines, by unifying all communications over the Internet! Not only does this mean a higher sound quality and fewer dropped calls, but it can allow your employees to work from anywhere. When you’re in the cloud, your employees can access any information they need from the secure network, and all phone calls to their desk can be routed to their mobile device.

Cloud based networks work by storing all of your data on a secure server. All calls are routed through this server over the Internet which removes your need for landlines, and introduces all of the additional benefits of digital communications.

How to Get Started

At Phone-Link FL of Sarasota, all of our technicians remain up to date on all current certifications. We have the experience and expertise to ensure your office’s transition is both fast and reliable. And with our Mitel™ business phone systems, you’ll never have to worry about busy signals or dropped calls, while enjoying distortion free audio. Our experts can provide new installations, replacements, expansions, or upgrade your current company telephones.

State of the art doesn’t have to mean complicated. Making the upgrade means acquiring a communications network that takes complicated procedures such as transferring and conference calls, and makes them both intuitive and easy to use. In the event that you do need assistance, we offer 24/7 customer service, and will teach you step by step how to take full advantage of your new installations.

If you’re ready to learn more about our business phone systems in Sarasota, or are ready to make the switch to better communications, all you need to do is call us today at (813) 781-3529.