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Phone Link is the leading provider of business phone systems for Sarasota companies since 1999. Effective communication is an integral part of running a successful company, and no one knows this better than our skilled telecommunication experts. No matter if you are a small four person company or a large corporate office; we can customize a reliable and high quality communication solution that will perfectly fit your needs. One constant need for all businesses is communications; without it, nothing would get done. If your business is struggling with properly communicating its message, product, or service to its customers because of an outdated, slow, or inefficient telephone system, then it may be time to consider calling Phone Link.

Does Your Sarasota Company Need A New Business Phone System?

  1. Are your sales suffering due to dropped calls?
  2. Not understanding your customers’ requests because of poor voice quality?
  3. Constant IT system problems that you can’t fix?
  4. Does transferring calls result in hang-ups or confusing conferencing options?
  5. Can you expand your current system to accommodate growth?

If you find yourself nodding your head ‘Yes’ to any of these signs, then it’s time to upgrade your phone system.

Customized Communication Services

Each business that we serve in Sarasota is unique and has specific communication needs in order to maintain and increase its bottom line. We understand that need and offer business phone systems that are customizable and tailored to accommodate just about every size and sector of business. If your business needs to install, replace, or expand an existing system, we will provide you with a business phone system allowing you to conduct effective communication services including:

  • Cloud Based Hosted Systems
  • Call Center Software
  • Voice Over IP (VoIP)
  • Auto Attendant Systems
  • Fax Automation
  • Conference Call Manager
  • Unified Communications

At Phone Link, we offer our clients everything they need to seamlessly and simply transition to the new system. Our experts in telecommunications handle everything from set up to support. We are committed to providing secure network solutions with outstanding customer service.

Cloud Based Systems

Phone Link provides Sarasota businesses with unified communications over the Internet with the latest cloud based systems, also known as hosted systems and VoIP business phone systems. This allows your employees to work virtually anywhere at any time, and we guarantee higher sound quality and fewer dropped calls. Our cloud based systems gives your employees freedom to access any information they need from the secure network. Plus, they can receive calls from their desk right to their mobile device.

Experience and Expertise

While there are countless ways to communicate with your clients, many people still rely on, and prefer, the phone. For years, our telecommunications experience and expertise has provided companies in Sarasota with new phone system installations, replacements, expansions, and upgrades. We only hire certified technicians with the experience and expertise to ensure your office’s transition is both fast and reliable.

Four Reasons Sarasota Companies Choose Phone Link

  1. Stress-Free Transition. Our job is to make your transition stress-free by helping you every step of the way. Whether you’re updating your system or moving into to a new office, we provide business phone systems and make the transition quick and easy.
  2. Customer Satisfaction. We offer 24/7 customer service for all your IT system needs, as well as provide you with the instruction you need on how to take full advantage of your new installations.
  3. Quality + Value. We offer the award-winning Mitel™ business phone systems, so your business will never have to worry about busy signals or dropped calls while enjoying crystal clear sound.
  4. Certified Staff. Our experienced staff technicians retain current certifications on all products we install and service. Trust us to implement the right solutions for your needs.

Contact Us

Phone Link of Sarasota will help you find the right solution to all your businesses’ communication needs. Our certified technicians are trained to install, service, and support your business phone systems and IT equipment 24/7. Please contact us for a free quote at: (813) 781-3529.